To better serve Veterans and their families, Voice of the Vet has Teamed Up with the “Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce” and “Vets for Action”.  This is an alliance that promises to help Veterans, Veteran Businesses and their families.


Here is some information about Voice of the Vet and the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance.

“Voice of the Vet” is now presenting its own internet show called The “Voice of the Vet” Show which can be seen and heard on this website and our YouTube Channel.  The “Voice of the Vet” Show includes a segment on Veterans Issues where we will present the “Issue of the Day.”  Another segment will include special guests, whether it is a Veteran, Celebrity, Sports Figures and other Prominent figures, this show is sure to captivate viewers.  All “Voice of the Vet” Shows will be taped at various locations throughout the Las Vegas Valley and will also contain a segment hi-lighting the location we are taping at.  Operation “Voice of the Vet” is designed to be entertaining, educational and fun for all viewers even if they are not a Veteran.

“Voice of the Vet” interviews Veterans who would like to tell their story about serving in the United States Armed Forces.  These interviews showcase the Veteran in an unscripted setting where you will hear what happened and how it happened, directly from the Veteran’s personal eyewitness account.  Plus it helps with the preservation of history… One Veteran, One Story at a time.  The stories will also be sent to the Library of Congress to be part of their “Veterans History Project.”

This website also acts as a resource portal to other outstanding organizations that provide services to help veterans with problems they may be faced with such as Healthcare, Mental Health, filing for Compensation and Pension, Housing, Employment, Business Development and much more. Our goal is to work with other organizations of ACTION that know how to help our Veterans and are proven at making things happen.

Bob Maxwell, the CEO and Founder of “Voice of the Vet” is a Vietnam Era Veteran and is the Show Co-Host along with Marcel Forestieri who is a longtime Las Vegas Entertainer.  Everything you see on the “Voice of the Vet” Show is from a Vet (Bob) for Vets.

The Las Vegas Veterans Alliance is formed!

The Voice of the Vet, Vets For Action and the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce have bonded together and formed the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance.

Voice of the Vet has teamed up with the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce.  Armed Forces Chamber CEO and Founder Andre’ Haynes and his Business Manager, Destiny Beavers are now part of the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance.  This synergistic partnership has developed the TEAM to reach over 200,000+ Nevada Veterans and over 20,000 businesses that are Veteran/Armed Forces Member owned in the State of Nevada. (Source:  U.S. Small Business Administration, Office of Advocacy | U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs for Nevada)

The Alliance has also teamed up with “Vets for Action” who are Super Veteran Champions, fighting for the rights and benefits of Veterans and their families.  Voice of the Vet is Proud to have teamed up with Vets for Action and the Armed Forces Chamber of Commerce, which nows give this alliance, the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance a solid foundation to make a positive difference in the lives of Veterans and their families in the Las Vegas Valley and beyond.

Check back soon to see our newest Voice of the Vet video installments and the developments of the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance, but in the meantime, please contact us to talk about telling your story and possibly being on a future episode of the “Voice of the Vet” Show.  We also hope that you will checkout one of our sponsorship programs and consider becoming a “Voice of the Vet and Las Vegas Veterans Alliance” sponsor.  With your support, you are helping Veterans in a big way through the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance Team.