T-FOX held ‘A Night to Honor Our Armed Forces’

by Debbie Hall

T-FOX gives back with his specular show, “A Night to Honor Our Armed Forces” to be performed in the Veil at the Silverton to benefit the Nevada Veterans Foundation on Saturday, Nov. 24.

Now celebrating 20 years of entertainment excellence on the Las Vegas Strip, T-FOX has received many awards for his musical accomplishments. However, on June 16, T-FOX has received the highest honor ever given to a civilian by the military, The American Liberty Sword, presented by Major Tony Munoz and his beautiful wife Hilda Munoz.

“This is all been a great, unbelievable blessing from God, and I am so proud of all His wonderful work on accomplishments,” T-FOX says. “I thank you all. It was a dream come true. I felt like Cinderfella as the color guards walk down the red carpet to present to me this sword to me it’s the highest honor that I have received, and I am so proud of this 24-Karat gold American liberty sword.”

During “A Night to Honor Our Armed Forces,” T-FOX will be the first African-American to be proclaimed goodwill ambassador for the armed forces. This special event was also created to raise money to promote mental counseling assistance and financial aid to assist our wonderful and brave men and women who served in the armed forces after returning from military service with STS (suicidal traumatic stress). Suicide has become a significant problem that needs very special attention.

Jewel Bailey will share a special Armed Forces prayer with special spiritual words. The great songstress Genevieve, incredible vocalist Kristy Love Brooks (who has also performed with The Platters), the unbelievable special magic of David Frost, and the patriotic voice of the beautiful Marilyn O’Leary will also perform. An exceptional guest, legendary Jackson 5, are scheduled to appear.

Bob Feeney Productions produced this showstopper event. “This is why I have joined forces with him to help motivate and uplift our active duty military and veterans of the armed forces and to help. If there is any way I can to ease the pain a little using my entertainment skills to heal souls and uplift their hearts so that they know they are wanted and loved by us all. Our music is why people come to the entertainment capital of the world, Las Vegas,” he explains.

“If I can just touch one soldier’s soul and save him or her from suicidal thoughts, I have done my job. I have great respect for my first class
A-List heroes like the late, great USO King Bob Hope and my dear, close friend Wayne Newton. I follow their footsteps as a new generation to entertain our active military and veterans in our community and beyond.”

T-Fox has received the Texas state flag from the house of representatives of Texas and was the model for the $.22 black heritage stamp of Jean Baptiste Pointe DuSable who was the founder of Chicago. T-Fox is the only living person whose likeness was used for this history-making USA postage stamp. A proclamation and a key to the city given to him by the former mayor of Las Vegas Oscar Goodman proclaiming August 24 T-Fox Day in Las Vegas and naming him The Spirit of the Strip.

Along with the incredible program, there will be an auction of beautiful and exceptional pieces of classic artwork collection, speakers and fabulous entertainment. The acclaimed producer John Stuart will emcee the night. To join in this inspirational entertainment event with a chance to get dressed up and honor our military, get your tickets by calling 702-263-7777 or online at silvertoncasino.com.

Debbie Hall

Debbie Hall is a resident of Las Vegas for over 40 years and is a writer and editor. Her father served in the Coast Guard and has written extensively about veterans.

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