Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall

The Vietnam Traveling Memorial Wall came to Las Vegas during the first weekend of November 2018 and Voice of the Vet was there to pay our respects to the over 58,000 names of heroes on the wall.  It was an honor to be there and meet the wonderful people that were also paying their respects and searching for the names of loved ones, Brothers and Sisters in Arms and friends.  We interviewed 3 people who had some amazing reasons to be there.  We thank them for their time because it is not easy to be interviewed when you might have a heavy heart.

Bob and Marcel introduction and then Bob interviews Air Force Veteran and Vietnam War Veteran, Dennis Blessman who is a traveling volunteer with the wall.

Video number 2 is an interview with U.S. Navy Vietnam Veteran, Larry Hastings, who unfortunately lost his brother and friend in the war.

Video number 3 is an interview with Chaplin “LiL Sis” who also travels with the Wall and is there to help Veterans deal with the effects of seeing the names of family, friends and Brothers and Sisters in Arms.  See for yourself how this great lady touches the hearts of people that visit the Wall.

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