Our Founder falls on bed of rocks

Voice of the Vet Founder Bob Maxwell, a Disabled Veteran, tripped over some large football size jagged rocks and did some damage to his right hip/pelvic area and broke some ribs. His Service Dog, Sadie the Voice of the Vet Dog stayed right by his side and even reached his cell phone, pulled it closer to him so he could call 911. This video is to show the placement of the large, jagged rocks and how easy it would be for others to trip on them, even children. This is a dangerous situation and poses many more accidents that are waiting to happen.

We will do a follow up on this situation and give full details with the name of the apartment complex and its ownership, plus their response.  So as they say in the TV biz… Stay Tuned.

Checkout the Photo Album below.  Just click on the images to view full size.

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