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NOTICE:  Contrary to some vicious rumors started by some very sick people, Vets For Action DOES NOT charge for their VSO Services, nor do they do anything to force any Veteran who is a client to make any type of a donation whatsoever.  Their services are TOTALLY FREE! Any donations to Vets For Action are of course appreciated, but they operate on grants and unsolicited donations.  Voice of the Vet is spearheading the investigation and we will get to the bottom of who is viciously and purposely spreading this lie and I assure you that WE WILL name names with all the proof to prove it.  We already have a good idea who it is and have a number of former law enforcement pros on it.  Voice of the Vet stands with Vets For Action because we know what type of true professionals and real people they are.  They all volunteer their time to help Veterans because they are Veterans that truly understand other Veterans and the problems they face with getting their Pension and Benefits.  They are Veterans that work within the law, because it is the Law.  So stay tuned!

Bob Maxwell
Founder, Voice of the Vet


Michael Hess Thankful to Vets For Action for Getting Him Approved for VA Disability

It took 3 years and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, but Michael Hess a US Army Vietnam War Veteran and Purple Heart recipient finally was awarded his disability by the VA.  “It was a very tough time dealing with the VA”, said Michael, “but I listened to Vets For Actions, Veterans Service Officers Tim and Elliot and did not give up and now I am thrilled that I stayed the course”.  

Michael agrees with nearly every Veteran that Vets for Actions comes in contact with that the VA process does NOT have the best interest of the Veteran at heart.  VA rules are constantly changing and laws are circumvented at the discretion of the VA during the entire process of trying to get what they have earned and deserve.  There will be a lot more on this topic with actual and physical proof that this is happening, so stay tuned for some jaw dropping evidence.  Please feel free to leave your comments, we look forward to hearing from you.

US Army Vietnam Veteran, Ron Kronberg, Rejected by the VA

Ron Kronberg is a US Army Veteran and spent time in the Vietnam War and also in Korea.  Ron is a disabled Veteran due to Agent Orange and other chemicals that he came in contact with while he was “Boots on the Ground” in Vietnam.  He filed for his VA Pension Benefits in 2012 and in 2019 he received a letter from the VA stating that he was not eligible for a pension because in their opinion he was not in Vietnam.  Yep… you read that right!  Even though he has all the proper paperwork that proves that he was in Vietnam (especially the DMZ), the VA said he was never there. 

This and other types of ridiculous treatment of our Veterans happens everyday and not just from government agencies, but amazingly from some Veterans organizations as well.  But, that is a topic for another show, so stay tuned.  If this type of information upsets you, then watch this video. This video was taped in the Vets for Action Studio in Fabulous Las Vegas in conjunction with the Las Vegas Veterans Alliance and the Voice of the Vet.  Please feel free to leave your comments, we look forward to hearing from you.

Interview with “Uncle” Elliot Bender, Veterans Service Officer
In this video, Veterans Service Officer for Vets for Action, Elliot Bender talks about the “Law” concerning filing a claim with the VA with “New and Material” evidence.  The law is known as 38 CFR § 3.156 – New and material evidence.


Continued Interview with Coach and Tim (Part 2 of 2)

This interview is a continuation of Part 1 with Coach and Tim.  WARNING! If you are offended with profanity, then mute your sound right after my pop up warning appears on the screen (the video).  There are those who do not like any form of profanity and we respect that, but we also respect and reserve the right of our guests to speak their minds because we do not like sugar coating the facts, events or the feelings of our guests.

Interview with Coach & Tim (Part 1 of 2)

Part 1 of 2 with “Coach”, President of Vets For Action and Tim Kuntz, Veterans Service Officer (VSO) as well as “Sadie, the Voice of the Vet Service Dog and Queen of Vets For Action.  Topic for this video is a continuation of the VA’s Mission Statement and a discussion about changes with the laws that will hurt Veterans chances in their fight to obtain their Compensation and/or Pension.


Interview with Mike Carlson

Mike Carlson, U.S. Navy Veteran from 1987 to 1994, sat down with Voice of the Vet as we did our first interview for the “Vets for Action” team.  Mike talks about traveling the world, crossing the Equator and more.  Mike also talked about a special surprise in the world of MMA fighting with a Championship to be held in Las Vegas with fighters from all over the world.  Watch for Mike again as we talks about more of his experiences.